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The Florida Archery Association is the state charter holder for both the National Archery Field Archery Association and the National Archery Association.  The FAA supports all forms of archery from Traditional all the way to Unlimited Freestyle (Open) and on to Professional with an active Professional division.  We host the State Senior Games (archery portion) , the Sunshine Games (Florida's Olympic Games, archery portion) and nine different State Championships for all archery interests (Indoors, FITA Indoor, International, FITA Field, Field, Marked 3-D, Unmarked 3-D, Target (900), FITA Target).  The two indoor championships (the Indoor & FITA Indoor) are traditionally held on the same weekend at the same site.  FAA welcomes you as a member and encourages you to participate in our tournaments.

FAA publishes a state magazine RELEASE four times a year.   Membership is required to shoot in all of our tournaments.


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