Next Board Agenda




                               Ridge Archers Range, Jan 13th 2018,   approx 3 pm


1. Minutes of the previous meeting.


2. Treasures report (comments/review)


3. Old Business


            a.  Unisex junior division (for Youth and Cub) for Shooter of the year.


                                                                                                        Second Reading


            b. FAA to maintain Longbow, Bowhunter, and Bowhunter Limited at  

                Championships, utilizing IFAA style rules for these three divisions.


                                                                                                       Second Reading          


          c. FAA Computer. Review committee findings for moving programs to more

               modern system, to include e-mail and Data base.




          d. Review plans for upcoming FAA Vegas Shoot         


4. New Business

         a. Mileage payment to officers for attending board meeting
outside of their

                Region. Estimates and costs to be considered at 1st Mtg of 2018.



          b. Concerns/Questions/Proposals


5. NAA Report


6. NFAA Report  


The meeting will be held at the 2018 FAA 3-d tournament site at approximately

3:00 pm. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please send input/comments, to Bob Jones.      Take care and drive safely.                                                           


                                                                                            Bob Jones   FAA President





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