Next Board Agenda




                            Sarasota Archers Range, April 1, 2017 approx 3 PM



1. Minutes of the previous meeting.


2. Treasures report (comments/review)


3. Old Business


            a.  Late Fee Charge: On site registration fee will be charged to all        registrations received after 11:59 pm on the Thursday prior to the shooting day- to include website, walk-ins, phones calls, and mail in.               Second Reading


            b. Flags at Target/Fita tournaments: Flags will be standard to the whole field of play. Individuals may not put up their personal flags.       Second Reading


4. New Business


            a. Discuss Executive Vice President Nomination


            b. Discuss possibly combining or eliminating poorly attended events.  Requested by S VP.  Idea is to improve overall attendance, and hold down cost for attendees at the same time. Present an improved venue.


            c. Emphasis on obtaining Tournament bids for 2018 Schedule, to be reviewed at the May Board meeting.


            d. Discuss additional last minute agenda items.



5. NAA Report


6. NFAA Report  


The meeting will be held at the 2017 FAA International tournament site at approximately

3:00 pm. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please send input/comments, to Bob Jones.      Take care and drive safely.                                                         


                                                                                            Bob Jones   FAA President




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