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Archery Equipment For Sale:

I have the following traditional bows and several boxes of arrows that I'd like to dispose of. I was an avid bowhunter and archer.

Older Martin Diablo recurve. 55-60 lb @28. about 1990. 52 long unstrung. Wood riser is stained green by manufacturer, limbs are black laminate.

Older Martin ML-10 longbow, 60 lbs @ 28 Handle is natural reddish wood.Limbs are dark brown laminate.

Howatt Hunter (Martin) 60 pounds @28 AMO 62 Handle is natural leather brown color wood.Limbs are black laminate.Always cared for, stored inside temp. controlled area,, supported on bow rack , unstrung when not being used never stood up in corner on limbs.

The bows were always cared for, stored inside temp. controlled area, supported on bow rack , unstrung when not being used never stood up in corner on limbs.

I have several old compounds, in the 50-60% let-off vintage (late 80's). They're in good shape. There is an oneida compound, that's probably a classic. I put on new cables and tuned it in the late 90's. I also have some mechanical releases and other odds and ends. There are some cases, hard and soft.

I'd like to sell them, but would consider a trade. I enjoy kayaking and drawing/painting (Art not rooms).


Would anyone in your association be interested in this equipment?  I live outside Crystal River, FL.


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Seeking to buy (competition level) olympic recurve archery equipment for USAF Wounded Warrior and Invictus game training.


I have a 28 draw length and Im currently shooting with 25, and 28 lb limbs.


Melissa (321)243-7597     Dec/2017

Wanting to see if anyone has a Hoyt Protec they want to sell.  Looking for the Riser; however, will take the whole bow and will get limbs and stuff to make it work.


Ron St. Clair

(915) 727-2779

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