FAA Forms and Information

FAA Brochure cover:  Recruitment brochure for the Florida Archery Association - Cover. pdf file

FAA Brochure inside:  Recruitment brochure for the Florida Archery Association - Inside. pdf file

FAA Ballot:  FAA Ballot for President/NFAA Director 2014. pdf file
FAA Ballot:  FAA Ballot for North Vice President 2014. pdf file

FAA Score Card Front:  Front of FAA Score Card. pdf file

FAA FITA Score Card:  FAA FITA Score Card. pdf file

900 Round Score Card:  900 Round Score Card. pdf file

NFAA Club Charter Application:  NFAA Club Charter form. pdf file

Sectional Score Card:  Sectional Score Card. pdf file

Tournament Bid Checklist Form:  Used by clubs to bid on State shoots.  Next years state shoots are bid at the State Field.  pdf file

Hall of Fame Form:  Used by Hall of Fame Committee to decide if nominee can be placed into the Florida Archery Association Hall of Fame. pdf file

Results Format:  Results format for Archery Magazine. pdf file

Target Stand Plans:  Plans for the target stands FAA uses for the Target, FITA and the Florida Senior Games.  pdf file

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