Cisek, Marilyn Marilyn Barbara Cisek (Chonko), 74, of Leesburg, Florida passed away at her home on April 24, 2017 from cancer. She was born in Waterbury, Connecticut on December 31, 1942. Marilyn graduated with a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Connecticut. In 1989 she married William Cisek. Marilyn was a passionate artist who used various mediums to express herself. She frequently attended artist retreats. She is survived by her husband William Cisek. Private services will be held at a later date. In lieu of flowers donations may be made in Marilyn's name to Cornerstone Hospice Foundation 2445 Lane Park Road Tavares, FL 32778.
Published in the Orlando Sentinel from Apr. 28 to Apr. 30, 2017
- See more at:
Cisek, Marilyn Marilyn Barbara Cisek (Chonko), 74, of Leesburg, Florida passed away at her home on April 24, 2017 from cancer. She was born in Waterbury, Connecticut on December 31, 1942. Marilyn graduated with a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Connecticut. In 1989 she married William Cisek. Marilyn was a passionate artist who used various mediums to express herself. She frequently attended artist retreats. She is survived by her husband William Cisek. Private services will be held at a later date. In lieu of flowers donations may be made in Marilyn's name to Cornerstone Hospice Foundation 2445 Lane Park Road Tavares, FL 32778.
Published in the Orlando Sentinel from Apr. 28 to Apr. 30, 2017
- See more at:

Marilyn Cisek (12/31/42 - 4/24/17) - There will be a mass for Marilyn on Thur May 11th at 8:30 am. I'm sure I am missing people Marilyn knew that would like to attend. Please feel free to contact anyone you know that would like to attend.

The mass will be celebrated at St Paul catholic church located at 1330 Sunshine Ave., Leesburg, Florida 34748

Cisek, Marilyn Marilyn Barbara Cisek (Chonko), 74, of Leesburg, Florida passed away at her home on April 24, 2017 from cancer. She was born in Waterbury, Connecticut on December 31, 1942. Marilyn graduated with a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Connecticut. In 1989 she married William Cisek. Marilyn was a passionate artist who used various mediums to express herself. She frequently attended artist retreats. She is survived by her husband William Cisek. Private services will be held at a later date. In lieu of flowers donations may be made in Marilyn's name to Cornerstone Hospice Foundation 2445 Lane Park Road Tavares, FL 32778.
Published in the Orlando Sentinel from Apr. 28 to Apr. 30, 2017

Steve Steinbring.  February 1947 to November 2016

Steve Steinbring has been a member of the Florida Archery Association and the National Field Archery Association for 22 years.  He will be greatly missed.   He lost a battle with a blood clot 2 weeks ago in November 2016 at the age of 69.  Steve was an active shooter and shared his love of shooting with his son Eric.   Steve last shot in a State Championship in 2007 at Central Florida Archers 2007 FAA Marked 3-D Championship where he shot Bowhunter Freestyle and Eric shot Traditional.  His most recent shooting was a hunting trip out of State where he shot two deer.  A member of Everglades Archers in Homestead, Florida – Steve actively supported our sport. 

Carol R. “CR” Northcutt -  Born in 1920 and died 6/18/2016 age 96

Life Member Florida Archery Association and National Field Archery Association – 21 years

Longtime member of Citrus County Archers – following the death of his wife, he moved back to his family’s location in Lexington, Oklahoma.  A former military pilot and Alaskan Bush Pilot, CR was fiercely independent, skilled, and became dedicated to his love of Archery.  In his 90’s, he got in his car and traveled to the National Senior Games by himself...  CR shot in the National Senior Games from 1999 through 2013.

His awards at the National Senior Games: 

            2001     3rd        80-84 Men Compound Release

            2003     1st         80-84 Men Compound Release

            2005     1st         85-89 Men Compound Release

            2007     1st         85-89 Men Compound Release

            2009     1st         85-89 Men Compound Release

            2011     1st         90-94 Men Compound Release

            2013     2nd        90-94 Men Compound Release

Current Records held at National Senior Games

            Age 85-89         795 for the 900 Round – High score shot in that age group – he also has the 2nd , 4th, and 6th high scores shot.

            Age 85-89         1581 for the double 900 Round – High score shot.  Also has #3 and #4

            Age 90-94         683 for the 900 Round – High score shot.  Also has #3 and #4

            Age 90-94         1302 for the double 900 Round – High score shot.  Also has #3

CR was a good friend and a true gentleman.  I will miss shooting with him and spending time with him.  Tim.

Buzz Busseno  2/10/1939 - 5/10/2013.  Henry W. "Buzz" Busseno, 19 year member of Gator Bowmen and Life Member of Florida Archery Association and National Field Archery Association passed away early in the morning on 10 May 2013.  For many years, Buzz was an active shooter and only lately has his activity been curtailed by worsening health problems.  Buzz joined FAA/NFAA in 1995, was a Freestyle Shooter and continued as a club member.  Retired Navy, Buzz lived in Earleton and raised Chihuahuas and Parrots.  His wife Joan can be contacted at 352-505-9422.  Her address is P O Box 457, Earleton FL 32631-0457.

OJ McGuill
Owen (O.J.) McGuill, Jr., formerly of Miami, Florida, passed away on Thursday, June 4, 2015 at home following a long battle with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). - See more at:
(1948 - 6/4/2015).  O J McGuill died 4 June 2015 after a long battle with Multiple Systems Atrophy (MSA) – He had been a member of FAA and NFAA for 25 years off and on since 1986 with his last membership expiring 21 October 2012.   He was an active member of Brevard Archers and a well liked member who willingly helped fellow archers.  He was 67 years old (born 5/29/1948).  In 1997 he shot a record 1615 for a double 900 Round shooting Bowhunter Freestyle Limited... that’s an average of 807.5 per round shooting pins and fingers.  He was FAA Champion Male Bowhunter Freestyle Limited at the 1992 Target (2065), 1994 Indoor (572-36), 1997 Target (1615), and the 1998 Indoor (560-37).  In 2004 he was our Senior Male Freestyle Champion shooting Unmarked 3-D with a score of 602.  We will all miss one of our super lifetime archers.
Owen (O.J.) McGuill, Jr., formerly of Miami, Florida, passed away on Thursday, June 4, 2015 at home following a long battle with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). - See more at:
Owen (O.J.) McGuill, Jr., formerly of Miami, Florida, passed away on Thursday, June 4, 2015 at home following a long battle with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). - See more at:

Ed Dobson died today (5/5/15).   Ed is a life member of NFAA and FAA with over 30 years as a member, and was a key force in building our Gator Bowmen Archery Range.  He volunteered his equipment and his expertise and bush hogged where we needed clearing.   He devised a method to pull the phone pole based target houses out of the ground at our old range and used his tractor and chains to lift the poles and place them in the ground on our current range.  He was a good shooting buddy to many in the club and was always willing to help with just about any project.  His ability at building and working with just about any tool made him invaluable to any project…  Ed was just a month short of his 80th birthday.   Ed leaves behind a grandson, Steven, and his partner of many years, Donna Lou Bracken.  Their phone number is 386-462-2463.


There will be no services and no viewing…

Nancy Myrick died 11/27/2014.  Nancy Myrick was a life member of FAA and a member of the FAA Hall of Fame.   She was a USA Archery Champion in three decades.  She has lived in Arizona for many years, but she was in Florida for many years.  Doc Brandfass called me tonight to pass the information that she has gone, but she will always remain in our memories.
Paul Watson 7/11/54-11/16/14.  Paul D. Watson lost his battle with cancer last Sunday.  Diane Watson, Paul’s wife, can be contacted at 11815 Lakewood Dr, Hudson FL 34669-2936. 
Paul was 60 years old and was a life member of FAA and NFAA with 20 years as a member.

Ed Taylor -  11/14/1942 - 10/12/2014.  Lee Edward Taylor has died at age 71.  He is survived by his wife, Patsy – Their address is 8444 Barcelona Ave, Orange Park FL 32073-2102.  Phone number 904-278-4048.  Ed had great physical difficulties in recent years and finally lost his fight when his lungs just wouldn’t give him support.  Ed was an active FAA shooter and one of our best Barebow archers for 15 years between 1989 and 2003.  He is still the current record holder for the Field Round shooting Adult Male Barebow with a score of 488 that he shot in 1993.  He was FAA Champion Field, International, and Target in 1993.  Target in 1995.  Field in 1998.  Southeastern Field in 1999. And Southeast 3-D in 2000. 

Jackie Dell Claridge July 31, 1929-June 27, 2014.  Jack Claridge won the Southwest Sectional Archery Championship in 1964. He turned non-amateur after nearly making the U.S. Olympic team which he competed for in the 1963 World Championship matches in Helsinki, Finland. He continued to compete in archery throughout his life and won many State and Southwest Sectional field and target titles along with winning awards and competing in various tournaments and senior games while living in upstate New York and until as recently as May 2014, as an active member of the Villages Archery Club.

Arthur Lawrence Boyd (Larry)  February 17, 1951-September 25, 2014.  Born in Winchester, MA he was the son of the late Arthur L., and Harriet (Howes) Boyd. Larry was a retired carpenter specializing in residential construction in the area north of Boston. He served his country in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. Larry moved to The Villages from Lowell, MA in 2007. He enjoyed golf, but had a passion for archery. He was a very active member of The Villages Archery Club.

Frederick A. Bremen, Sr   02/21/1925 - 09/15/2014.  Frederick A. Bremen, Sr – Fred to all of us in archery – was a life member of the Florida Archery Association and the National Field Archery Association and a longtime active supporter of everything archery.  We have some of the finest “diapers” all manufactured by Fred, who was a retired sailmaker, and our NFAA Director has a set of backdrops for Indoor that Fred made.  Fred has been a member for 32 years and was a founding member of Brevard Archers... he shot Traditional style in his later years, but in 1984 he shot a 790 score on the 900 round shooting Senior Male Freestyle Limited.   In 1992 and 1993 he shot perfect 270 scores at 40 yards on the American (810) Round.  As a Traditional shooter at the State Senior Games in 2000, he shot a 467 900 Round at the Florida Senior Games shooting 75+ Barebow Recurve.   His donation of time, skills, and his love of our sport will always be remembered.  The quiver I wear and use whenever I shoot was personally made by Fred!

He has left us a wonderful legacy of friendship through archery.  He will be greatly missed.  Services will be held on Saturday, Sept, 20.  1pm visitation. 2pm service.  Held at Fountainhead Memorial Funeral Home 7303 Babock st. SE (I think that's in Palm Bay)  Phone is 321 768-0776 for more information.

Louis Travis  07/24/1932 - 09/16/2014.  He was 82 years old, an NFAA Life Member, and a dedicated and skilled barebow shooter.  A regular participant at NFAA National events, the National Senior Games, and the North American Field Championship, he was loved and respected by all.  His wife, Phyllis, can be contacted at 2919 Sellers Court, Jeffersonville IN 47130-9343.

William M. McMillin  12/20/1928 - 09/07/2011 Bill McMillin was a life member of FAA and NFAA and and at age 83 had been a member since April 1974.   38 years a member when he went out in the yard to trim a hedge and didn’t come back in.  Diann found him already turned blue.  Bill was a retired airline pilot and had been a superbly skilled shooter for several years.  His wife, Diann, is a retired stewardess and they had been a dedicated loving couple, and Diann was always extremely helpful at State Championships.  They were members of Everglades Archers. 

Clinton A. Berry III (Tennessee NFAA Director and Sec/Treas)  Clinton passed away this morning May 22, 2014 at about 9:40 A.M., CDT in Hospice care for cancer. He had a peaceful night and his passing was a blessing.  As his family is from Owensboro, KY, he will probably be cremated this afternoon or tomorrow and transferred to Owensboro. The plan is to have a memorial here in Nashville and a funeral or memorial in Owensboro. I imagine that each will be several days hence and not in the immediate next few days. I will keep you advised.  Clinton did not want a "funeral".

Marihelen Rogers -

Marihelen receiving the coveted NFAA President's Award in 2006. 

Remembering Marihelen Rogers

The National Field Archery Association wishes to extend our sincere condolences to the family of Marihelen Rogers.  Marihelen and her husband MJ worked for the NFAA for fifteen years.  Representing the NFAA as the Executive Secretary, Editor of Archery Magazine and Tournament and Events Coordinator;  Marihelen had a tremendous sense of appreciation for her friends in the archery world. Those that had the opportunity of working with Marihelen know how much she enjoyed taking care of archers from around the World.  She was one of the greatest examples of someone ?giving back? to what they enjoy!

Marihelen was instrumental in facilitating the NFAA acquisition of the World-renowned Vegas Shoot. She was also instrumental with the building of the NFAA new corporate Headquarters and Archery Complex.  Her love for archery did not go unnoticed, as she was a recipient of the prestigious and coveted NFAA President?s Award and Medal of Merit.   Marihelen and MJ also enjoyed bowhunting. She and MJ bowhunted whitetails in the Midwest and also traveled to Africa for a bowhunting safari.  She also loved sharing stories about her friends and family in Illinois.  There will be a Celebration for Marihelen on Sunday, November 10 from 1-4 PM (interment T.B.A. at a later date) at The Heinz Funeral Home, 212 East Main Street, Carlinville, IL  62626. 

During this difficult time, please keep MJ and their family in your thoughts and prayers.

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Joseph McManus

Joseph Robert McManus, 79, died peacefully at home Friday, May 3, 2013. Joe was born in Pine Hill, NJ, on Nov. 10, 1933. Joe was preceded in death by his parents; and sister, Ella May Hoban of N.J. He is survived by his wife of 37 years, Cay; brother, Bill McManus (Ruth); daughter, Linda Dudli; sons, Doug, Jeff, and Scott McManus; and numerous nieces, nephews, grandchildren and special neighbors and friends. Joe lived the last 37 years in Virginia, seven years in Evington, and 31 years in Lynch Station. Joe's interests included fishing, hunting, and tournament archery of which he has made many lasting friendships. A memorial gathering will be held at a later date. In lieu of flowers, donations would be appreciated to the Virginia Bowhunters Association, c/o Marie Bell, 1223 Jeanette Ave., Vinton, VA 24179.    Published in The News & Advance on May 5, 2013

Angel Rodriguez's wife passed away a few days before Christmas.  She was 42.  Apparently she had a major stroke while at work.  He and the kids are all having a tough time.

Keep him in your prayers.

Ralph Peck's wife, Linda, was in Hospice care and left us on 6 May 2012. 

Bernice Galatz 8/18/1943 - 01/29/2012.  Bernice Galatz left us today.   Bernice was the wife, best friend and partner to Ralph Galatz... one of the leaders of Lee County Archers.  Bernice shot with us at the State Senior Games and was an FAA member in 2002, 2003, and 2004. 
Billy Adams (5/14/1930-11/18/2011).  We have lost one of our most friendly, hard working, and generous members.  Billy Adams was a life member of FAA and NFAA and he left us at age 81, but he will stay with us in all that we do.  Billy was a member of Central Florida Archers and Ridge Archers and an honorary member of Gator Bowmen.  A lifetime hunter and dedicated supporter of archers and their ranges, Billy was responsible for supplying backstopping for our target butts and building picnic tables and trailers that are still in use at various clubs.   When Gator Bowmen moved across town and built a new range, Billy came on his own to bring us tables and a trailer to use on our range.  He donated his time, his skill, and his assets to make our sport available and functional.  He lived in Lakeland, and he was always a willing worker whenever something needed to be done. 

Billy was a very hard working + selfless man he will be missed by all he touched.

William P. Birt - 03/25/1929 - 10/16/2011.  It's my sad duty to inform everyone that we have lost our friend Bill Birt today.  Bill was a life member of FAA and NFAA and has been State Champion many times as a Freestyle Archer... in more recent years he was Senior Male Champion 92TGT, 93IND, 93INT, 95INT, 95TGT, 96IND and 96SEI... and while we had an Executive Senior Division, 01FLD and 02FLD.   Bill had a heart condition and had to have by-pass surgery years ago... he got up from bed, came out to shoot, and immediately shot some of the highest scores he had ever shot.  Bill's last registration was the 2003 Senior Games where he was unable to compete and was a no-show. 


William P. Birt received the FAA Dillard Bucklen Award in 1993.  He had the perfect pin for Field Bars (1991), the perfect pin for International Bars (1990), 40-50-60 yard 6 Gold pins, the FAA Big Game Award, the Perfect Animal Pin, and the NFAA Robin Hood Award.  A skilled hunter, he could read sign and was comfortable in the woods.  A professional Bee Keeper, he traveled South to take his bees to the farms and processed the honey at his home.  Several of my friends have worked with him and when I had bees making a home in my house, Bill came out with a hive and a queen and drew the bees out of my house into the hive.   For two years I had an active hive just outside one of the windows in my dining room... and then there was the time we went to work the hive and Bill laughed and laughed when I came off the ladder with my pants flying off because there was a bee in there!


I shall greatly miss my friend Bill.  He left us at age 82 after a struggle with health problems.  His wife Cathy Birt, also a life member of FAA and NFAA, can be reached at 2611 N W 48th Place, Gainesville FL 32605-1288.  Phone 352-373-4697.  Email

Funeral Service is scheduled for 5:30 PM Friday at Spirit Church @ 2251 N W 41st St, Gainesville in Building E.

Allen L Turck - 12/14/1931 - 10/--/2011.  I received notice today that Allen Turck, Secretary of Sarasota County Archers, passed away recently.  He has been an FAA/NFAA member for the past 7 years and shot Bowhunter Freestyle.
Robert R. Harris  2/13/1930 - 7/4/2011. Robert R. "Bob" Harris passed away on the 4th of July this year.  He was a 26 year NFAA member who was a life member of FAA and NFAA.  He moved to Florida from New York in 1992 and has been an active member of FAA since 1986.  He was a member of Aripeka Archers and was 81 years old when he passed away.   Some of you may remember his sister and brother-in-law, Faith and Tony Centra who also were active shooters.
Richard L Lattimer  12/06/1935-09/06/2011. Dick Lattimer retired from Bear Archery and founder of the Fred Bear Sports Club. 

Robert A. "Allen" Campbell  03/01/1936 - 2/08/2011.  Tuesday afternoon, 8 Feb, Allen Campbell passed away.  Allen was well known throughout the archery world as a wonderful ambassador to our sport and was well respected for his gentle manner. Allen was a State, Sectional, National, and International champion primarily shooting Barebow.  His family can be reached at 5575 North Fork Dr SW, Liburn GA 30047-6248.
Bruce Lawrence Shelley, 63, of Allentown Road, died Friday, Jan. 28, 2011, at Saint Mary's Hospital after a short battle with cancer while surrounded by his family and spiritual family. He was the beloved husband to Gloria (Cole) Shelley.

Mr. Shelley was born July 15, 1947, in Waterbury, son of the late William "Brewster" and Madeline (Murphy) Shelley. He was the senior pastor at the Church of Hope in Waterbury and has been a pastor for 18 years. He also worked as an iInsurance agent for Insurance and Investment Services in partner with Frank Melvin III in Wolcott.

Bruce held many champion titles among his hobbies and it started in 1968 as a pool champion. He was also a master archery coach, holding 18 national championships under his coaching, along with two world championships. In 1978 he was champion of all the world champions that was held in Germany, as well as many state and New England indoor/outdoor champions. Most of all he was an avid fisherman, enjoyed golf and was very dedicated to his church.  Long time Barebow shooter.

Besides his wife, Gloria, he is survived by a two brothers, Robert and his wife, Mary Beth, of Southbury and Gary Shelley of Wallingford; a nephew, Bryan and his wife, Lisa Shelley, of Oxford; his spiritual children, Rick Mall and David Shadee of Waterbury and Barry Ash of Nashville, Tenn.

Funeral services will be held Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2011, at 10:30 a.m. at the Church of Hope, 117 Sharon Road, Mall View Plaza, Waterbury. A calling hour will begin at 9 a.m. at the church. Burial will follow in the New Pine Grove Cemetery. Woodtick Memorial, 420 Woodtick Road, Wolcott, has been entrusted with his arrangements.

The family requests memorial gifts be made to the Church Love Fund, 117 Sharon Road, Mall View Plaza, Waterbury 06705. To send a condolence to the family, please visit

David Ray Hughes, 63, of Graford, Texas, died at his home Sunday, Sept. 19, 2010, following a valiant battle with cancer.

Service is 11 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 25, at Adell Christian Fellowship, 101 Adell Road. Burial will follow at Graford Cemetery. Visitation is 6-8 p.m. Friday at Baum-Carlock-Bumgardner Funeral Home in Mineral Wells. Pallbearers are Eddie MCcrary, Lee Gregory, Denny Cline, Dick Hanlon, Monte Heishman, Rhonda Wall, Bill Bowen, Pat Coker and Charlie Hughes. Honorary pallbearers are each and every member of the Barebow fraternity.

David was born May 28, 1947, in Dallas to Elmer Boyd Hughes and Nelda Mae Harper Hughes. David grew up and attended school in Irving. David retired from Sheet Metal Workers Union 68. David was a member of Oran Baptist Church of Oran, Texas.

On July 11, 1993, David and Donna Jo Kimberly were married at the Longview Archery Range with many of his large family of archery in attendance.

David’s archery legacy began in 1963 and when 15 years old David joined the Texas Field Archery Association. That same year he helped organize the IBA, Irving Bowhunters Association. David had no way of knowing he was about to embark on a lifetime in archery where he would become one of the best in archery history.

Within two years of joining TFAA, David won his first state championship. Following that state tournament, David's archery became an inspiration for both the young and the more experienced.  This love and dedication to the sport would continue throughout his life. His accomplishments included four world championships, 14 national championships, numerous state championships,  10 sectional championships, three Las Vegas championships and the San Diego World Open, where David smashed the existing record with an aggregate score of 2,744 out of a perfect 2800. Many of the records David set in archery still stand today. David was inducted into the Texas Field Archery Hall of Fame in 2005 and the National Hall of Fame in 2008.

David will be remembered for his dedication to family, church friends, the sport of archery and in his love for all things in nature.

David is survived by his wife, Donna, of Graford; his mother, Nelda Mae Harper Hughes, of Graford; sister, Carolyn Mae Hughes Davis, of Mineral Wells; daughters, Laurie Dee Hughes, of Irving, Texas, and Tammy Diane Hughes, of Albuquerque, N.M.; sons, David Ray Hughes II and wife, Jessica, of San Marcos, Texas, and Richie Edward Wolfing and wife, Dee Dee, of Splendora, Texas; granddaughters, Courtney Rae Diann Hughes and Kloe Grace Hughes, of Albuquerque, N.M., and Wendy Michelle Wolfing and Jacque Nicole Leggett, of Splendora, Texas; grandsons, Devin Ray Hughes, David Ray Hughes III, Cameron Blaine Hughes, Murry Tyler Hughes, Christopher Riley Hughes and Ethan Reed Hughes, of San Marcos, Texas; and his family in archery, his family in Christ and numerous relatives and friends.

He is preceded in death by his father, Elmer Boyd Hughes, on Dec. 9, 2004.

Jerry Barr died Christmas Day at 7:30 p.m. at the hospital.   Jerry was the former NFAA Directory for Kentucky and was President of the Barebow Faternity.  Jerry has been battleing lung cancer for the last couple of years. He had been in the hospital for the last four weeks and had several operations. The funeral will be at Ruby Rowland funeral home, 604 Center Street, Henderson, Kentucky.

Jerry Leon Barr, 69, died December 25, 2010, at Deaconess Gateway Hospital.
He was retired from Whirlpool Corporation.
Surviving are wife of 37 years, Barbara; daughters, Vicki
Lynn Trimble, of Henderson, Deborah Westfall, of Niagara, Tamara Willett, of Waverly and Jerri Leann Logan, of Corydon; son, Gary Rzepka, of Corydon; sister, Kathy Burdge, of Henderson; 13 grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.
Services are 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, with visitation 3 to 8 p.m. Monday, at Rudy-Rowland Funeral Home.

Victor Matthews: 1921-2010   Picture

Vic passed away on Oct. 5 of hip-fracture complications. He was an avid archer during his retirement, shooting SrM-FSL. He won many tournaments including, World Champion, IFAA in New Zealand and 1st in NFAA Nationals. He competed in many IFAA tournaments including, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, and South Africa, He was also awarded the Golden Feather for his active promotion of the sport; many Scouts got their Archery Badges thanks to his patient instructions. 

Vic was a member of the US Army Air Corps during WWII and will be interred at Arlington National Cemetery on Nov.9. 
In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to: 
The First Presbyterian Church of Annandale; 
attn: Vic Matthews Memorial Fund; 
7610 Newcastle Drive. Annandale, VA 22003-5944

Fred DeMuth  7/29/1947 - 9/3/2010  Picture

Our good friend and fellow archer Fred DeMuth lost his battle with cancer today.   When I spoke to him a few days ago he was in the hospital but still up beat and fighting to stay with us.   Fred was an NFAA member for 20 years.   Many of our North Florida archers got their start in his Pro Flight Archery Shop, and he was the force behind the start of the Pro Flight Archery Club.   He was North Florida Vice President of FAA from 2004 to 2008 and was a leader for all the archers in the area.   Loved and respected by everyone, Fred managed Target Team Trials and a National JOAD Championship at Disney's Wide World of Sports.  He received FAA's Dillard Bucklen Award in 2000.   He has managed the Golden Age Games archery competition for years and has been a true leader for archers throughout the area.
His wife, Janice, can be reached at 105 Valley Court, Longwood, FL 32779-3436.  phone 407-774-4122

Information on Fred DeMuth's Memorial Service

Annunciation Catholic Church
1020 Montgomery Road
Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714

Sept. 8th, 2010 @ 10:00 AM

Tyler B. Larson  12/10/1938-07/23/2010

Ty died suddenly on Friday morning.  We were all together on Thursday afternoon at the club and Ty looked and acted normally. He and Carol were talking about their annual trip and cruise coming up in a couple of weeks.The funeral is tomorrow at two.  Ty was a workhorse. It was his push that got our second 14 field lanes done so quickly. He just wouldn't let us be lazy! He was the push behind our new "super tower" also. He was a great club member and a wonderful friend. Ben Brown.

Tyler B. Larson, 71 of Naples, died July 23, 2010. Since 1955 he has divided his time between Florida and North Dakota. He served in the U S Air Force and had worked as a surveyor and builder. Ty was a member of the Lee County Archers and enjoyed hunting. He is survived by his wife, Carol Monson of Naples, four children, David (Darla) Larson of Lakewood, CO., Douglas Larson of Idaho, Daren ( Donna) Larson of Naples, and Jennifer (Vartan) Minasian of Lexington, MA.. He is also survived by a brother John Larson of Everett, WA, a sister, Susan Crabtree of Edina, MN, and four grandchildren, Mackensea Larson, Morgan Larson, Nicolas Minasian, and Sebastian Minasian. Memorial services will be held Wednesday, July 28th at 2:00pm at Fuller Funeral Home, 4735 Tamiami Trail East.


Donations in Ty’s memory may be made to the Lee County Archers, P.O. Box 1437, Lehigh Acres, FL 33970


Cremation has been selected


2:00PM at Fuller Funeral Home - East Naples on Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 (map/driving directions)

Ty's wife, Carol Monson, can be reached at 4281 68th Ave NE, Naples FL 34120.... phone 239-793-0193


Ty and Carol are both a pleasure to shoot with and spend time with and were well liked throughout the state.

Joe Price 6/17/50 - 6/3/2010
Fellow archery enthusiast and former GCA member, Joe Price, passed away suddenly on Thursday June 3 from a massive heart attack. He was the vice president of our club when we were on Belvedere and Jog, and did a lot of work for the club. Although he hasn’t been a member for some time, he will be greatly missed.  He
was an FAA member for 4 years from 1999 to 2003 and last shot in the 2002 Sunshine State Games 3-D event.

There will be a memorial service for him on Saturday at 11 am. This is the link for the obituary that’s in the PB Post with the information about the memorial.


Jack Whitt... Life Member #15 from the 1960's is deceased.   His magazine was returned by the post office as "Deceased".

Barry D. Dickinson  06/06/1946 - 05/15/2010

Barry Dickinson was a member of Citrus, FAA, and NFAA for 26 years between 1979 and 2004...   A skilled Freestyle shooter, he shot a perfect 200 at 40 yards on the 600 Round at the 1987 State Target Championship.  He was 63 years young when brain cancer took him from us this past Saturday (5/15/10). 

Bill Tiddy, former Northwest Councilman from Montana died. 4/23/2010
Received news that Bill passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer.  I will let you all know when I get more information on services, etc.

Warran Buck  08/28/1940 - 12/30/2009

Frank Pearson called me this afternoon with the extremely sad news that Warran Buck died yesterday, age 69.
I called Helen Buck late this afternoon and offered my sympathy with her great loss.   She indicated that they were getting in the car to leave and Warran simply went out.  She pulled him from the car and performed CPR while an ambulance was on its way.  The paramedics tried to bring him back and continued attempts even after they got to the hospital, but he did not respond and they were not successful in attempts to save his life. 
Warran was a skilled archer.   He has competed at NAFAC in Homestead six times since 2003 in the largest division (Veteran Male Freestyle Unlimited)... 29 competitors this year.   He placed 2nd in 2003 and 2006, 5th in 2008, 6th this year, and 7th in 2004 and 2005... with scores ranging from 1606 to 1634 out of a possible 1680.  His perfect 560 Animal Round Scores tied the IFAA World Record in 2004, 2005, and 2008.  A Canadian archer from Calgary, Warran's NFAA membership is through Arizona.  He and Helen competed regularly in major competitions, both placing well consistently... Helen was third this year.
Helen can be reached at 286 Diamond Dr SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2J 7E2.
Our archery family has lost a real gentleman, friend, and competitor. 

Paul H. Davison   (10/16/1932 – 09/17/2009) passed away 9/17/09 due to a long battle with cancer.  He would have been 77 years old in October.

Archery has lost one of its most dedicated and motivated members one month before his 77th birthday.  Paul Davison served our sport in many capacities as a shooter, a range builder, an administrator, and a life long leader.  In Ohio he was Vice-President, then President and NFAA Director, and finally NFAA Great Lakes Councilman.  When he moved to Georgia he became tournament director, State Secretary/Treasurer and Newsletter Editor, and then State President and NFAA Director.  The Southeast Directors then elected Paul NFAA Southeast Councilman.   As Councilman he served two terms on the Rules Interpretation Committee and served on the Scholarship, Hall of Fame, and Promotion and Public Relations Committees.

Paul Davison was a recipient of the NFAA President’s Award, the second highest award bestowed by the NFAA and an award conferred sparingly in recognition of outstanding service to the archery community.  He was currently serving as Parliamentarian and Recording Secretary for the NFAA Annual Directors’ Meeting and as NFAA Historian.  He was a regular figure visible at our National and World Archery Festival events taking pictures and writing articles about the events for Archery magazine.  Paul’s skill and abilities have been evident throughout our magazine with articles, editing, and compilation of the Sectional and State News section of the magazine.  He was tireless in his efforts to improve every aspect of our organization and sport and was presented with the NFAA Medal of Merit.  He served as a leader in the NFAA Barebow Fraternity, served the American Archery Council (AAC) as Secretary, and Chaired the AAC Public Shooting Range Committee where he organized and managed a “Places to Shoot” directory.  He served as mail match coordinator for the International Field Archery Association.  He designed the charts that appear as Appendices in the back of our NFAA Rule Book.

Paul was a contributing photographer for both Archery and US and International Archer magazines.  He wrote several booklets on archery range development and was the archery venue design consultant and volunteer coordinator for the 1996 Olympic Games and the 1996 Paralympic Games at Stone Mountain, Georgia.  While NFAA Councilman, he developed the current functionally oriented NFAA legislative committee structure.  He wrote the National Tournament Director’s Handbook and Checklist, five versions of the Archery and Bowhunter Range Guidelines, and Cost Sharing the Development of Archery Ranges.

Paul H. Davison lived in Duluth, Georgia.  He graduated from Ohio State University with a BS and an MS in Aeronautical Engineering in 1955.  He retired from Rockwell Boeing, a major aerospace company, with 36 years of service in 1991.  He was preceded in death by his son Phillip and a daughter Patricia (Patty).  He is survived by his wife Doris; his daughter Janice; his grandson Douglas Galloway of Columbus OH; and his sister Jane Harsh of Dublin OH. 

NFAA mourns the loss of a great friend and a tireless leader.

Claire Devlin Bulman     Died: Friday, August 21, 2009.  Wife of Ubbo Bulman from The Villages Archery Club.

Services: A mass of christian burial will be held at 10:00am on Thursday, August 27th at St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church on Highway 42

Royce C. Brower Sr 09/18/1918 - 04/03/2009  picture  picture2  obit

Royce Brower was one of my dearest, long time friends.  We traveled to National and Sectional Tournaments together and we shot together by choice at State and Regional events year in and year out... and often he took my money, just for the fun of it.  Royce is in a better place now, enjoying permanent Field Ranges in heaven and occasionally playing his trumpet for good measure.   At just after midnight, this morning, at age 90, Royce went to sleep.  He was a life member of the National Field Archery Association, the Florida Archery Association and Citrus County Archers.
We were almost 20 years apart in age, so I frequently called him "grandpa", but we were always happy together.  Royce earned almost every recognition available in archery.   He was a member of the Florida Archery Association Hall of Fame for his athletic ability and received the prestigious Dillard Bucklen Award for his constant support of archery at the local and state level.   He brought members to our sport, and was always willing to help with work needed.  In 1976 he was NFAA Senior Male Freestyle Champion back when Senior Division was a courtesy separation, and then in 1996 he brought home an NFAA Silver Bowl as Champion Senior Male Olympic Compound.  He was several times Sectional Champion and many times over Florida State Champion.  Several years ago, when I separated FAA Records into single event groupings, Royce held 16 state record scores.
Royce was a real believer in the Senior Olympics and attended the National Event whenever he could.  In 1995 he was 75+ Male Compound Release Champion and his 1665 score is still the fourth high overall score for that age group.   His 812 individual round in 1999 at Disney is the second high score for that age group still, and his 1599 total still remains 4th on the records list for 80+.
Royce is survived by a loving family that includes sons Peter, Paul, and Buster and grandchildren.   He was engaged to his caregiver and companion, Dottie Hageman who was always by his side these past few years.   He and Dottie had a shared love and ability as archers and friends.  Tim.

Fred Stahl  04/13/1936 - 01/21/2009.  Fred Stahl passed away yesterday - age 72.
Four days ago I was talking and visiting with a very active Fred who was feeding all the competitors at this year's FAA Unmarked 3-D Championship.   He curtailed his shooting at the event so that he could help everything run smoothly at the club.  Sunday afternoon I waved goodbye to Fred as I headed North from the Lee County Archery Range, with no thought in the world that it might be my last time seeing my friend and shooting companion.
Fred has been an FAA/NFAA member for the last nine years, has been an extremely active and skilled competitor.  He was FAA Champion shooting Senior Bowhunter Freestyle in 2000 (3-D) and in 2003 and 2004 (Field).  In Master Senior competition he has competed at the National and Sectional level as well as earning FAA Champion awards at the 2005 and 2008 International and the 2008 Marked 3-D tournaments.  At this past December's NAFAC, Fred was 11th out of 26 freestyle archers over age 55 with a score of 1568 and his 833 at the Florida Senior Games placed him 3rd.
Fred is survived by his wife, Marilyn... two daughters, including Michelle who was Adult Female Freestyle Champion last weekend, and grandchildren.  

Robert D. Horden  3/3/1946 - 10/9/2008.  Robert D. Horden lost his battle with cancer at age 62 this past October in Detroit, Michigan where he had moved to be with his Sister, Ann Rapin, in his retirement.  Ann wrote that Bob went into the hospital on Aug 21st for cancer surgery and that the surgery was long and complicated.  Bob came through it, but many complications set in after and his organs began to shut down one-by-one. 

Bob Horden was a past officer of Daytona Archers and a past North Florida FAA Vice President.  His 34 year NFAA membership started in 1975 when he was actively shooting Bowhunter Freestyle Limited... at a time when the style was extremely popular.  He was inducted into the FAA Hall of Fame for his Administrative accomplishments.

William C. "Bill" Parr 4/25/25-10/2/08 age 83, lost his over five year battle with cancer four days ago.  An active member of The Villages Archery Club, Bill competed outside his club primarily in Senior Games 900 Round events.  He was a member of FAA for 6 years.
Robert L. "Bob" Evans (1943-2008) lost his fight with lung cancer on 18 September 2008 at age 65.  Bob was a skilled archer who has been active in FAA/NFAA shooting for the past six and a half years.  An "A" Class Freestyle archer, Bob was a member of Citrus County Archers was seen regularly at shoots in North Florida and at State shoots as well.  Many will remember that Bob volunteered to bring the Mats and Stands to the Senior and the Sunshine State Games last year.  Bob turned his hobby of stained glass work into a business, and many of our homes have his beautiful work displayed. - Picture

OBITUARY:  Henry E. Smith – Age 87 (22 March 1921 – 18 May 2008)  Henry Smith is the archer who got me involved in organized archery 50 years ago.  A Past Club President and worker who designed and built our past ranges, Henry was a skilled hunter and tournament archer who worked at the Club and State level to make our sport a success.   A Florida Hall of Fame inductee for his work as President of the Florida Archery Association, Henry was an FAA/NFAA life member with 43 years of service.  He was last a Champion at the 1990 State Indoor shooting Senior Male Bowhunter Freestyle Limited.  His last tournament was the 1991 State 3-D.  Henry’s wife JoAnn Smith can be contacted at 3410 N W 62nd Place, Gainesville FL 32653-8844.

HOYT Ann (nee Weber) World Renowned Archer, devoted her life to becoming a world class Archer. Born March 29, 1922 in Bloomfield, NJ., passed away quietly at Glendale Care Center April 5, 2008, one week away from celebrating her 86th birthday. Many Archery friends and her adopted Ann Clark Family were in attendance. The Archery World will miss this fierce competitor and gentle Giant who paved the way for many to follow. Her life was archery, since discovering her fascination in high school with the sport at the early age of 15. She went on to graduate Magna Cum Laude at both Bloomfield High School and her alma mater Montclair University. Graduating as a Science Major she never realized her potential for teaching. Ann represented both schools winning many titles as an archery representative in local, state and national competitions. Never looking back or regretting her decision she went to work at Robin Hood Archery Company in Montclair, NJ doing menial tasks working up to general manager. Along the way she shot her bow and arrow competing in National and World competitions where she remained until her marriage to Earl Hoyt Jr., A world renowned Bowyer of Olympic style competitive hunting bows. A marriage made in heaven, as far as the Archery World was concerned. The World's leading Female Archer joined with the World's leading Hoyt Bow manufacture. She moved to Bridgeton Missouri for the marriage in 1972 and remained at Earl's side working together in the factory and traveling the world promoting Archery, until Earl's death in 2001. Establishing the Archery Hall of Fame was their Life Long Goal. Due to their generosity The Archery Hall of Fame is a reality. Together they established a scholarship program in Columbia, MO. Ann was a charter member of the Diana's, the first organized all ladies bow hunting group, and the Lovers of Outdoors from 1986 to present. Headed by George Gardner along with lady bow hunters through out the United States. Ann Hoyt was a great humanitarian who was silent in her work with charities and friends in need. The Archery World loved her, as did all that came to know her. Her final years were spent with long time competitor and friend of 60 years, Ann Clark. They established a home in Historic Glendale after the passing of Earl in 2001. Ann's request is to be cremated and have her ashes placed in the Archery Hall of Fame. Visitation will take place Wednesday at St. Gabriel Church 48 W. Sharon Rd., Glendale, from 10 AM until Mass of Eternal Rest at 11AM. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to The Archery Hall of Fame 58 North Main St., Union City, PA 16438 or Hospice of Cincinnati. Hodapp Funeral Home, College Hill, is serving the family.
02/13/08 - Dolores Koski: 6/21/1920 - 2/2008.  Dolores Koski has lost her long battle with cancer.  She was 87 years old.  Dolores attended many tournaments and was active in archery.  A member of the Daytona Club off and on between 1981 and 2004, she was a member of FAA and NFAA for 14 years.  At one time she held at least 28 NFAA Records for Senior Women, and she was State Champion more than 12 times.  Her National Senior Games Record Single and Double 900 Round scores for age 75-79 still stand at 793 (shot in 1999 at Disney) and 1572 (shot in 1997 at Tucson) as the highest scores recorded for the age 75-79 Women Compound Release division. Picture

01/16/08 - John A. Laudicina 09/11/1926 - 01/16/2008 (Age 81) passed away this morning at 7 AM.   John was an FAA/NFAA Life Member and a 12 year supporter of Everglades Archers and NFAA.  [John's son, John G. Laudicina, is President of Everglades Archers and Florida Archery Association South Vice President.]  He is survived as well by his wife Leonora, children, and grandchildren.  A most generous and loving man, John loved to go around the Everglades Range with his son John... in fact, he went out to the range just a week and a half ago and shot his 40# longbow and showed accuracy at 40 yards despite his declining health.   I join his many friends in saying that I shall greatly miss his cheerful greeting and his most appreciated friendly welcome when I visit Everglades.  We all extend our sympathy to John and Gemma and the rest of the family.

Steve Gibbs from Sur-Loc lost his battle with cancer and passed away this morning 11/18/07.

Steve Gibbs, founder and owner of Sureloc Sights, lost his eight month battle with cancer this Sunday.  We have lost not only a superior innovator and archer, but also a friend, a companion, and a leader in our sport. 
I am sure that a proper obituary will be written and published by someone closer and better informed than I, but Steve was a welcome guest in Florida.  For years he was a leading Freestyle Limited competitor: at the 2003 National Senior Games he was gold medalist in 50-54 Male Compound and Fingers, posting a double 900 Round score of 1660... still the sixth highest total score posted in that age group at the National event.   More recently he played with Freestyle as well.   He shot in our 2006 NAFAC at age 58 and he visited his good friend Gary Simonds here in Gainesville and shot around our Field range with Gary and me. 
Steve was always helpful, and I always found him gracious, helpful, and a friend to all archers.  He has been taken from us at much too young an age, and long before his time. 
The Sureloc web site is and you can click on his name in the upper right corner.

 John W. Durham was a past NFAA National Vice President and an NFAA Medal of Merit holder.   John Durham died of throat cancer a couple of months ago.   He was a member of the Florida Archery Association Hall of Fame for archery administration.  My records show that John was a life member of FAA and an NFAA member at least from 1961 through 1976.  He and his former wife, Mary, were both skilled barebow archers.

Buddy Legate  4/6/54 - 3/3/07. Buddy Legate was killed March 3 in a motorcycle accident. He's being cremated.  Buddy was the one that created and manufactured the Bow Maniac Stabilizer and loved the sport of Archery. We just wanted to let everyone know.   Buddy was 52 years old and last shot in the State and Sectional 3-D in 1998.  He was an FAA Member in 1994, 1995, 1997, and 1998.
Service for Buddy will be Saturday (Mar 10) at 11 AM at the Jupiter Elks Lodge.  It's in the same shopping center that his liquor store was in on the NW corner.

Roy McFarland - 3/21/47 - 3/5/07 - The archery community lost a giant for our cause Monday. During the '80's and early '90's, he was one of the best instinctive bow hunters in the USA. Roy was past-president of Ky Archers assoc and KY NFAA state director for many years. Roy won many awards at national tournaments and was always competitive in the top of bow hunter class. He was a staff shooter for Bear archery and Martin archery in his prime.   Roy McFarland passed away Monday due to complications from esophageal cancer. He leaves behind his wife Carolyn and two grown children Allison and Craig. Roy will be laid to rest in Lexington later this week, arrangement are pending.  Roy get your bow, your up on target #1

1/9/07 - Charles Richard Walker – Age 78 - 18 December 192828 December 2006. 

With great sadness, I learned that my good friend Charles Walker left us on Thursday, 28 December 2006.  Charles had fought valiantly for years against heart disease, cancer, lime disease, accidental injury, and finally stroke… and yet, for the 13 years I have known him, he has continually volunteered and worked to better our sport and those interested in learning its various skills.  A multi-talented, brilliant, and skilled man; Charles was never idle – always working to build, manufacture, repair, document and better the world around him.  He excelled as a scientist, an archer, an instructor, a fly tier, a wood carver, and a manufacturer of kaleidoscopes… just for a start.

Charles received the NFAA Medal of Merit in 2001, presented by the Florida Archery Association for his unselfish development of programs and youth development in our state.  A State and NFAA Life Member, his affiliation with NFAA goes back 52 years.  He has also been involved with NAA for years, donating his time as a level four instructor and as a National Judge working with both traditional archery and competitive recurve crossbows and officiating at Local, State, and National events.  Charles and Carmen Walker donated funds, time, and guidance to develop their Church’s Summer Camp, and Charles instituted a training program and a youth instruction program there that was a template for effective, successful youth archery development.

While Charles wrote extensively as a scientist (he was retired from the U.S. Fish and Wild Life Service), he also used his communicative skills for Archery.   He produced two volumes of Fish and Wildlife Cookbooks, one for Wildlife Recipes and one for Fish and Seafood Recipes.  He wrote a series of archery articles about shooting, hunting, and maintaining equipment.  He developed and initiated our Florida Archery Association Scholarship Program that continues to provide funds for young people to further their education.

Charles had shot Olympic Recurve and Crossbow in the past, but here in Florida he shot Barebow Recurve – Traditional and at one time held as many as 33 State and Sectional shooting records in Senior age group competition.  Between 1993 and 2003, Charles was FAA State Champion 34 times.  He still holds the current FAA-NAA Indoor Record for Master 70+ Male Barebow with scores of 329 for a single round and 656 for two rounds shot in 2002.  His 1997 International round score of 112, shot as Senior Male Traditional, still stands.

Charles R. Walker will be missed in Gator Bowmen, in the Florida Archery Association, and around the country; but he will never be forgotten.  We express respect, honor and praise for our special and faithful friend. 

There will be a Memorial Service for Charles at the 1st Presbyterian Church in High Springs, Florida at 3 PM on Saturday, February 10th, 2007.  Tim Austin

10/3/06 - Duvall, Margaret R., 63, of Eustis, passed away on September 26, 2006.  Maggie, as she was dearly known, was surrounded by her family and friends through her final moments.  She is survived by husband, Bill; son, Travis of Orlando; daughter, Tracy Schrager of Longwood; sister, Suzanne Sutherland of Warrenton, VA;  grandchildren Sam, Jonathan and Daniel. A memorial celebration for family and friends will be announced at a later time.  In lieu of flowers, please send donations, in Maggie's name, to Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, 279 Douglas Ave.,Suite 1108, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714, 407-774-2166.

The above is from the Orlando Sentinel Obituaries on the passing of one of my (our) dearest friends.  Maggie and I , because of our common health issues, had many conversations.  Maggie always had a very positive outlook through her long and difficult bout with cancer.  The most notable, was her desire to live for her grandchildren, whom she dearly loved and was so very proud of.  A proud , loving, wonderful lady.  We will miss her always positive outlook.  Fred.

Maggie was an FAA member for 15 of the 20 years that Bill was a member (from 1978 to 1998).  Maggie shot Freestyle Limited.

9/22/06 - Today I received a letter from Sandy Nothdurft, Chuck's Daughter, responding to a postcard I had sent and letting me know that her dad died 30 December 2004.   She told me that his new address is "heaven" and that his plot is in Bay Pines Memorial Center (#E263) in St Petersburg.  She let me know that "Chuck is available to chat with anytime you want to - Just go to God!"
Charles Condra Nothdurft was born 28 March 1928 and lived 76 years.   Chuck joined NFAA in 1946 and was active for 12 years... took a vacation for a few years and then rejoined in 1981.  He was a Life Member of FAA and NFAA with 36 years of membership.  His last state shoot was the 1998 FAA Indoor Championship at Ridge Archers in Lakeland.
Chuck and I shot Senior Male Freestyle together and I was fortunate enough to be grouped with him several times.   He and I shot together at one of the Sectional Field Championships in Clemson, South Carolina and somehow one of my arrows wound up countersunk in one of his... My silver Easton X-7 shaft stuck firmly in his pretty blue Easton X-7, and he allowed me to keep the nice "trophy".  It hangs in my study as a reminder that every once in a while we get lucky and shoot a really accurate, good shot.
Chuck also earned the "Robin Hood" award in his years of competition... that and perfect animal award, all three 6-Golds and various Field/Hunter/International pins and bars.  A dedicated, lifetime archer, he was one of the forces behind Suncoast Archers in St Petersburg and often carried his friend, Dick Evans, with him to shoots, including the Indoor in 1998.  Dick Evans left us at age 93 a year and a half before Chuck... and now I'm sure they are trading their shared times in God's perfect archery range.

9/15/06 - Wayne O. Hageman  was killed in a traffic accident in April 2006 at age 74.   His wife, Dottie was with him and was seriously injured and has just gotten home from Rehab.
For those of you who don't know the Hagemans.  They were both very active archers and members of FAA and NFAA from 1985 to 1988 and from 1997 through 2001... 9 years.  Wayne was NAA Indoor Champion in 2000 as a Master Compound Release with a score of 1132.  He was a talented archer and developed a technique of shooting with only a single fletch on his arrows.  Dottie also is a skilled archer.   She holds Florida Senior Games records for 65-69 Female Freestyle and 70-74 Female Freestyle and she also is the current record holder for Senior Female Freestyle for the Sunshine State Games International Round.  She has been an FAA Champion 10 times.
Wayne and Dottie had gone to Bike Fest this last April and were returning home when a vehicle pulled out in front of them.   Instead of driving into the vehicle, Wayne dropped the bike on its side and went under the vehicle killing himself, but allowing Dottie to survive.  She had both upper leg bones broken, a lower leg bone and ankle broken, a smashed hip... and has been in the hospital and rehab these past five months.   She is 77 years old and the doctor originally told her she wouldn't be able to walk, but she is now able to walk with a walker and is determined to get back to normal.
I spoke to Dottie on the phone today:  Her phone number is 352-742-1122.
Her address is:  34 Kono Cir, Leesburg FL 34788-8762
Dottie indicates that there will be a memorial service for Wayne on October 22 at the Clubhouse at Molokai (their mobile home community) which is located on Road 473 just East of the Mall in Leesburg.  The time isn't set yet, but will probably be in the afternoon.
I'm sure that Dottie could use some help from any friends who might be close enough to do so.

7/3/06 - Bill Bishop had called last Thursday (29 June) and left a message that Gina had died that morning.  Gina was an absolutely lovely person and all of us will miss her both on and off the archery range. 

Gina was in her 15th year of FAA/NFAA membership and was a Life Member of FAA and NFAA... she was 67 years old. 
Gina earned Champion awards at the 1994 Southeast Sectional Field and the 2001 Southeast Sectional Indoor.  She earned State Champion awards at the 2000 FAA 3-D, the 2002 FAA Indoor, and the 2002 FAA International.  She competed Senior Female Freestyle.
Gina's viewing was today and her funeral is tomorrow.
Those desiring to contact Bill...  his mailing address is:  307 South 8th Avenue, Wauchula FL 33873-3115. 

7/2/06 - Long time Tennessee archer, who attended many sectional shoots in Florida and the Southeast, Sherrill Ramey passed away. 

Sherrill Ramey was the Southeast NFAA Pro Representative for quite a few years.  A gentleman, and well liked wherever he went.  Sherrill recently lost both legs as a result of diabetes, and the disease finally beat him.  He was born in 1947... was age 59 at death. 

His funeral will be Thursday (5 July 06) at 4pm at Unity Mortuary, 1425 McCalla Ave, Knoxville, TN 37915.

Miriam Tierney (1925-2006) passed away last Saturday,  27 April.  She had suffered a stroke in early April.  Miriam was a life member of FAA and NFAA and had been a member for 37 years.  She was a longtime active shooter, loved by many, who shot at all levels for the love of the sport.  She was State Champion as a Senior and Executive Senior ten times between 1993 and 2004 and she held twelve state records in the FITA and 900 Rounds.  At the State level, Miriam donated her awards to the organization: She shot competitively, but for the love of the sport and the companionship with her friends.  Those of us who shot with her often looked forward to her companionship and her skill.  We miss you Miriam...

3/2/06. I'm very sorry to report that Lee Austin (Brevard Archers) lost his wife, Jackie, last week after over 50 years together.

1/30/06.  It is with great sadness that I must report that Barry H. Williams, long time leader in Gasparilla Bowmen, lost his fight with cancer last weekend.   Barry was 52 years old.  He has been an officer/director of Gasparilla for most of the 23 years that he has been a member of FAA and NFAA.  An active shooter since 1981, Barry was FAA State Champion Indoor in 1990 and 1995 and International Round in the same years in our most contested division, Adult Male Freestyle (in some organizations called Open).  In 1990 his Indoor double round was a 102x 600.  He was active in both NFAA and ASA competition and well thought of throughout the Southeast.  In 1983 and 1993 he had perfect distance scores on the 810 round at both 40 and 60 yards, and in 1993 he posted 199 out of 200 possible points at 50 yards at the 600 Round.  Barry will be missed on the range and in our friendly get togethers.  He is survived by his wife Stella who is also an active longtime member and a skilled shooter.  Funeral services will be held on Wednesday 1 FEB 2006 at ST. Lawrence Catholic Church in Tampa from 1030 am-1230 PM Mass at 1230  PM and then he will be laid to rest at The Garden Of Memory .  Viewing 10:30 - 12:30.   The Chruch/School is on the Southeast corner of Himes and Hillsborough.

Henry "Moe" Martin, age 85, Life Member of FAA/NFAA and 23 year member.Mo died Saturday morning, 10 December 2005.  He was active in Citrus County Archers and and a friend to all who came to shoot there.  He last shot in a state event at the 1999 Senior Games.  I regret that I have to notify you of Henry's passing ( to a better place as he put  it) . The past few months, he had been unable to shoot, so he had reacquired a taste for playing the guitar. Henry was a retired Air Force officer. Lifetime member of the NFAA & FAA & Citrus Archers. Henry was the FAA Sr Men's Barebow Field Champion at Gator in May 91. His stories about falling out of the back of a pontoon airplane while on a fishing trip, and the time he got a moose with his bow are fond memories. He had a great sense of humor and a quick wit. Henry will be missed....  Services are expected to be at the veteran's cemetery in Bushnell on Friday 12/16, (But they are not certain yet) .
Henry Martin

Gordon Bell (not a current NFAA member) but active in Florida in the winter time from 1988 to 1998.  He was a Canadian who spent winters in Florida near Citrus County archers so that he and his wife Ann (previously deceased) could shoot.  They last shot at the State Senior Games in 1998.  He was 79 years old when he died on the 25th of November 2005.

Roy Bovee, 20 year member of Gator Bowman, died on 11 November 2005 in the evening.  He had been back in Melrose (from Canastota, New York where he spent the warmer months) for several weeks and had been out at the range with the Wednesday work party.  At 81, he was still very active and an unbelievably good shot considering his youthful octogenarian status.  On Friday, 28 October, he was quite sick and his doctor sent him to Alachua General Hospital.  They ran tests but could but not determine what was wrong.  He signed himself out to take Florence home for the weekend.  He didn’t do well at home and continued to be getting worse, and Sunday morning he was only semi-conscious and couldn’t get out of bed.  Florence called an ambulance and he went back in the hospital.  He never regained lucidity.  They ran every kind of test but still failed to discover what was causing his symptoms, and he continued to go down hill.  Florence finally stopped the doctors from prolonging his agony and after two weeks in the hospital, our good friend slipped away.  He had never been sick a day in his life before this.  At last word, the doctors suspect a form of meningitis.  -- Roy was a life member of FAA and NFAA and was a dedicated worker in our move to our new range, helping to lay out the course.  Every year he pasted all of our shooting faces, and he was one of our few dedicated attendees at our club meetings.  He has been active in Florida since 1986, but much longer in New YorkRoy was Executive Senior Freestyle Champion in Florida at the 2002 and 2003 marked 3-D Championships.  He was active in the Senior Games movement and attended some Sectional and National tournaments.  He was a very good friend and companion and we will greatly miss him.

FAA/NFAA Life Member Thomas R. "Dick" See died about four years ago in 2001 at age 85.

Dick was a member of Suncoast Archers and not active in recent years.  He was a member of FAA and NFAA for 22 years.

July 5, 2005
Joe (Joseph F.) Schottmiller was an out of state (snowbird) member of Florida and an active member of the Aripeka Archers when he was in Florida.  He's been shooting with us for at least seven years.  He regularly shoots in our International Round Championship in the spring and is the current record holder for single, double, and triple International Round at that event for both Senior Male Bowhunter Freestyle  and Master Senior Male Freestyle Limited.  At the National Field at Watkins Glenn, Joe always joined the Florida member photo.  He's been a member of NFAA for 41 years.

Joseph F. Schottmiller  June 30, 2005 of Grand Island. Husband of Eleanor (Keller) Schottmiller; father of Donna (Keith) Dodge, Brenda (Brian) Williams, Joseph A. (Kathleen), Diana (Steve) DeMarco, Tina (Mark) Lovell and Harry (Debbie) Schottmiller; also survived by seventeen grandchildren and one great-grandson; brother of Eleanor Mowers, Mary Uhle and the late Francis, Robert and Emil Schottmiller; son of the late Emil and Eleanor Schottmiller. Friends may call Tuesday only 2-4 and 7-9 PM at the KAISER FUNERAL HOME, 1950 Whitehaven Rd, Grand Island. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated Wednesday at 10:00 AM at St. Stephen's Church. Flowers gratefully declined. Memorials to the Double T Archery Club Youth Program, 1110 North French Rd, Amherst 14228.

Here is the link and when you get to the obit, friends can sign the "On Line Guest Book". Maybe the Florida friends may want to sign the "Guest Book" for Joe's wife. If this is too much to "cut & paste" then go to: On the left side of the page click on "Deaths", when you get to "Death Notices and Guest Books for 7/3/2005", scroll down to Joe's name.

Feb 4, 2005
Walt Speer, longtime member of Ridge Archers, died shortly before his 74th birthday a couple of weeks ago.  Walt was last an FAA Champion at the 1992 Indoor where he shot Senior Male Bowhunter Freestyle and won with a score of 590-70.  In 1983 he shot perfect 270 scores at 40 and 50 yards on the 810 round.  He was an FAA/NFAA member for a total of 11 years from 1982-1989 and from 1991-1993.  His brother, Ralph Speer (age 75) is an inactive FAA State Life Member.  

The Speer brothers are super fine people, and Walt will be missed as he travels to the great archery range above.

Ralph can be contacted at 535 17th St NE, Winter Haven FL 33881 - phone 863-293-7503.

Jan 5, 2005
FAA/NFAA Life Member, and former FAA South Vice President Jim Steffens died at age 76 after a year long battle with cancer on 24 November 2004.  His wife, Sharon, sent me a copy of his obituary with a Christmas Card. 

Jim was one of the founding members of Treasure Coast Archers and is a member of the FAA Archery Hall of Fame for his state administrative accomplishments.  A member of NFAA for 39 years, Jim had not been active on the tournament scene for the past ten years, but he maintained his interest and contacts regardless.  He and Dillard Bucklen formed a nucleus for archery in the Ft Pierce - Port St Lucie area and were instrumental in developing clubs and activity in the South Florida area.

Jan 5, 2005
Lee County Bowhunters club member Dan Woosley age 39 from LaBelle Florida, passed away last Thursday.  For further details, look up Fort Myers News Press on the internet.  There is a very sad article in todays paper. 
Dan was the treasurer for Lee County Archers for several years.  He was always well liked and well respected.  He also ran the archery and firearms section of Jenning's Hardware in LaBelle.  The store has been owned by his family since 1909.  Danny will be missed very much.

Some of the details are:

Danny was murdered at his home last Thursday evening.  He was found by his brother Larry later in the evening.  Apparently, a pickup truck belonging to Danny, was stolen and was found yesterday in Collier county.  The suspicion is that it was stolen by an escapee from the Hendry County Sheriff's jail in LaBelle, who escaped just before Danny was shot to death.  There was some tie in between the escapee and Danny in that, Danny had taken the person in at one time.  In a related item, a 14 year old girl who was in some type of court ordered holding in Lee county (I think it might have been a juvenile home of sorts) left the place at about the same time. She and the escapee had some sort of relationship.  While the pickup was located, the escapee has not yet been taken into custody.

There was something going on at the store yesterday afternoon even though it appeared it was not open for business.  Danny's brother, Larry, indicated the store would probably open Monday.  The newspaper indicated they were cleaning the aisles and
straightening up the store - not sure why this was stated but, I am wondering if something took place there before the murder that has not yet been disclosed.  Guess the tale will be unraveled as time goes by.   Ken.


The Hendry County Sheriffs office took the suspected murderer of Danny Woosley into custody last evening.  He has been charged with Jail breaking in his initial arraignment.  So far, no further charges have been officially made.  The 14 year old girl thought to have been with him, was not located and, there now seems to be some question as to whether she ever was.  The newspaper says a gun was found on the ground near where the suspect was apprehended but not further information was forthcoming on that.  The trail seems to have gone something like this, in the pickup truck stolen from the residence of Danny
Woosley he apparently fled North and, abandoned the truck in a field in Collier county.   His next steps are apparently unknown, at least at the moment.  He subsequently stole a car in Immokalee, South of LaBelle.  He was apprehended
in or near Muse, in Glades county, North of LaBelle.  This is, apparently, near his families home where he grew up.  (Also, about 2 or 3 miles from where we live)  He was spotted in the car stolen in Immokalee and, gave up with no incident.
The Sheriff's office returned to Danny's house again after the apprehension.  I suspect that he will be charged in the murder sometime today.


Today's paper is starting to put the picture together. Seems the suspect, who was a Trusty in the Hendry county Jail in LaBelle, walked out of the facility undetected until a later roll-call.  He took off his  prisoner garb and hid it under a car in the parking lot.  Then, walked the 2 miles or so, down Hwy. 29 to Danny's house.  Broke in and, further broke into a room or area where Danny kept his guns and knives.  Apparently, Danny came home and discovered the guy in the midst of the robbery.  The suspect fired bullets (I think it said four) at Danny, striking him in the chest and head.  Then, stole Danny's pick-up and left the area.  The Sheriffs office, when they apprehended the suspect, found a gun at the scene - alongside the road.  The paper says it is thought to be the murder weapon.  They are checking to see if it was taken from Danny's home.  Also, they had found another gun in another location and are checking to see if that is a part of the collection at Danny's home.  Suspect has not been further charged as of yet. This 19 year old youngster has pretty well ruled  out any life for himself in the future - if found guilty.

Sep 21, 2004
Charles T. Shatzer Sr (Age 74), longtime Florida Archery Association officer passed away today.  Charley was President of FAA from 1980 through 1986 and was variously Past President, Executive Vice President, and Acting President from 1986 through June 2004... An active, vital, dedicated leader in Florida for over 24 years at the State level and 32 years at the club level (President of Orlando Archery Club).

An NFAA Life Member with 45 years of service, Charley had experience shooting in Europe before coming to Florida as a dedicated, lifetime barebow shooter.  Between 1992 and 1997, for instance, Charley was Senior Male Barebow Champion of Florida at 14 Championships, and for the fun of it, he earned one Champion plaque for Senior Male Bowhunter Freestye in 1998 shooting 900 Rounds.  

Charles Shatzer Sr shot the following FAA State Records for Senior Male Barebow: 436-Field (1994), 237-International (1996), 447-Double International (1996), 669-Triple International (1997), 1101-Field/Hunter/14Animal (1994), 712-810 Round (1992), 487-600 Round (1994), 242 at 60 Yards 900 Round (1997), and 745-Sunshine Games 900 (1995).  

In his last years, he bowed to declining health and gathered a sight and release aid to continue shooting and quickly established himself as a skilled, accurate leading Senior Freestyle archer.  

Charley has been respected, liked, and welcomed at both leadership meetings and shooting events throughout his archery career.   He was presented with the Dillard Bucklen special achievement award for his service to FAA, his club, and archery as a whole. He was inducted into the FAA Archery Hall of Fame for administrative excellence as State President... and Charles Shatzer is one of only six Florida archers who have been presented with the NFAA Medal of Merit.

Charley will be greatly missed in our shooting sport.  Archers wishing to contact his family should write to Mrs. Charles T. Shatzer Sr, 2903 Aein Rd, Orlando FL 32817-2908.  According to his son Tom (former Florida NFAA Director), there will be a small, family only service.

I just received a note from Linda Barrs informing me that Jack had lost  his 20 month battle with multiple malignancies.  He died on Friday, 30 April 2004.  As most of you know, Jack was a former President of FAA (In fact he was President when I became Secretary in 1973) and a life member of both FAA and NFAA.  This year is Jack's 36th year as a member of NFAA.

Follows is part of the obituary which was published in the Jacksonville paper on Sunday, May 2:

    Jack L. Barrs, a doctor in family practice in Jacksonville for 35 years who once was among the the Southeast's top 10 archers, died of cancer Friday at the Hadlow Center of Community Hospice of Northeast Florida.  He was 74.    Dr. Barrs, a Jacksonville native who as a Boy Scout attained Eagle rank and membership in the Order of the Arrow, took up bowhunting in 1964 and began entering tournaments in 1968.  By 1971 he was considered among the top 10 archers in the Southeast.

    He introduced both of his sons to archery at a young age and traveled to Seoul, South Korea, for the 1988 Summer Olympics to see one of them, Jay Barrs, win the individual gold and the team silver medal in archery.

    Graduating from Lee High School in 1948, Dr Barrs attended Jacksonville Junior College before transferring to the University of Florida where he earned bachelor's and master's degrees in agriculture.    While serving with a dental group in the Army, he decided to go to medical school.  He graduated from the University of Miami College of Medicine in 1961 and was a member of Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society.

    During more than 35 years of family practice, Dr Barrs had privileges at Shads, St Vincent's, Memorial and Baptist hospitals.  He was chief of family practice at Baptist Medical Center and was a past president of Baptist Children's Hospital.

    Dr Barrs was a diplomate of the Board of Family Practice and served on the board of Child and Family Services for a number of years.  He was among the doctors who initially contributed to purchase the ground where Memorial Hospital was built.  He retired from practice Nov 30 1998 and later moved to homes in St Augustine and Interlachen.

    In addition to archery, where he was a past president of the Florida Archery Association, Dr Barrs hobbies included fishing, bridge, swimming, tennis, snow skiing and genealogical research.

    He was predeceased by a daughter, Mary Love Barrs in 1972.
    Dr Barrs is survived by his wife, Linda; two sons, Jack L "Jay" Barrs of Sandy, Utah, and Bowen S. Barrs of Clearwater Beach; two stepchildren, James S Grant of Ponte Vedra Beach and Susan Grant Parrish of Jacksonville; a sister, Esther Wilson of Jacksonville; and two step grandchildren.

I have sent condolence letters to his wife, Linda and to his son Jay. Linda's address is:  Mrs. Jack L. Barrs, 2008 Vista Cove Rd, St  Augustine FL 32084


JoAnn Minton wife of Rick Minton (former South Vice President and member for the Florida Archery Hall of Fame) has died (age 55).  The Minton's were living in Palm Beach Gardens.  JoAnn died after a 3 year battle with cancer.

CHARLES ALVIN “CHUCK” COWAN of Davenport Florida died of Lou Gehrig’s disease on Friday, 5 September 2003.  He was 71 years old.  Chuck was made a life member of Gator Bowmen for his many years of work on our range.   He continued to support the club and work on the range even after he could no longer shoot.  When he moved from Gainesville to be closer to his son, he donated some of his old equipment to our club.  Chuck first joined NFAA in 1965 in Indiana and after moving to Florida, he and his son Tim were active shooting in FAA and supporting the Gator Bowmen club.  Chuck’s active membership ended in 1993 with 26 years NFAA membership, but he never lost interest in what was happening with our club. 

Gordon Bell advised us that his wife Ann Bell passed away on July 17 2003. She had gone into the hospital for some more work on her hip replacement, and suffered (5) heart attacks. Gordon and Ann are Canadian Citizens and were active in our Archery programs during the winter until recent years. Mobility was giving them both problems and they were unable to come South this past winter. Archery has lost a dedicated lady. They will both be in our prayers.

Richard B. "Dick" Evans, Life Member of FAA and NFAA, died last Saturday, 3 May 2003 just a couple of weeks short of his 94th birthday.  Dick had been an FAA/NFAA members since 1977, over 26 years and he was the recipient of one of FAA's first Special Achievement (Dillard Bucklen) Awards for his support and promotion of archery in Florida.  A muscle injury curtailed his  shooting the last few years, but for 20 years he was a fixture at our championships.  He was Senior Male Freestyle Limited Champion 20 times between 1990 and 1997 and many more times before that.  As a Senior Male Freestyle Limited shooter in Florida, he still holds the following state records:
    Field           482    1983
    900-40          275    1981
    SSG Field       460    1985
    SRG 80-84       703    1993    Compound-Fingers
    SRG 85-89       615    1997    Compound-Fingers

Dick's close friend, Chuck Nothdurft, writes:
    "As you will understand, this is a most difficult note to write.  It is my task to inform you of the passing of Richard B Evans on Saturday, May 3 - 17 days short of 94.  For the past about 20 years Dick and I traveled the archery circuit, almost weekly.  To the best of my knowledge there was no pain or suffering.  He succumbed to a combination of kidney failure and pneumonia.  I have enclosed a copy of the obituary... "

Newspaper Obituary:
"EVANS, RICHARD BENJAMIN, 93, of St Petersburg, died Saturday (May 3, 2003) at Palms of Pasadena Hospital, South Pasadena.  He was born in Center Moreland, Pa., and came here 53 years ago from Binghamton N.Y. He was self-employed carpenter for several years in the Pinellas County area and was a former commissioner of Pinellas Park.  He was a Marine Corps veteran.  He was a life member of National Field Archery Association and was instrumental in starting the Suncoast Archers.  He was a former member of the Lions Club and a longtime little league
baseball coach in Pinellas County.  Survivors include a son, Richard D., Largo; a daughter Vivian Brown, St Petersburg; 10 grandchildren; and 18 great-grandchildren. National Cremation Society, St Petersburg."

Brown V. Rainwater, died on March 10, 1999. 

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