FAA Scholarship Information

NFAA has given one of the Florida Archery Associations own a $500.00 scholarship.  Congratulations Heath Baulac from Ridge Archers.

We have given out 2 scholarships so far!

This would not be possible without your support of Scholarship Fund Raising.

The FAA 3-D Novelty event took in $25 plus another $17 in direct
donations to the scholarship fund.  Two arm guards were donated to the
novelty event equipment by Jake Pettitt and Charles Walker.  Total
moneys deposited to the scholarship fund were $32.

        20% Winner     $5.00
        20% FAA        $5.00
        20% Host        $5.00
        40% Fund       $10.00

The activity at the event was noteworthy in its fair play and friendly
competition regardless of age and skill.   Kevin Roberts kept playing
til he shot a perfect 36 points and then donated his winnings to the
fund.  Everyone had a good time and Charles really appreciated the help
packing the equipment in his truck.


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