Senior Age Breakdowns

FAA Represents 2 different national organizations with different rules...  NFAA and USA Archery (NAA)



Senior Division starts at age 50, Silver Senior starts at age 60 and Master Senior starts at age 70

FAA Shoots = Indoor, International, Field, Target, 3-D Unmarked, 3-D Marked


NAA (USA Archery)

Master Division (Senior) = 50+, 60+, 70+  divisions start at age 50

FAA Shoots = NAA Indoor, FITA, and FITA Field


We host three other events...


NAFAC at Everglades is an IFAA (International Field Archery Association) event.

Senior division starts at age 55 - there is no Master Senior division.


Florida Sunshine State Games - hosted by FAA - FITA and 720 use NAA Rules, other events use NFAA Rules


Florida Senior Games - for archers age 50 and older...

5 Year age groups ... 50-54, 55-59, 60-64 etc...


I hope this clarifies the many different rules we operate under....

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