Florida Vegas

2018 Florida Vegas Shoot

TOURNAMENT DATES:  2-4 February 2018

HOSTING CLUB:  Florida Archery Association shot at the Easton - Newberry Sports Complex

RANGE LOCATION:  24820 NW 16th Ave; Newberry, FL 32669  (Easton - Newberry Sports Complex)


From I-75 take Exit 387 and head West on Newberry Road for about 12 miles until you reach the City of Newberry.  Take a right at the US-27 N light in Newberry.  Continue on US-27 N for about 1.5 miles and take right on the paved road with the "Newberry Sports Complex" blue sign.  The range will be located to the left of the Easton-Newberry Sports Complex building.

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SHOOTING RULES/INFORMATION:  This is being shot under modified Vegas Rules; they have a few more classes than we are going to have and we are shooting two rounds.   No membership required.  We are going to have a Championship Division for Men and Women.  We are going to have Flights which are open to all shooters regardless of age, sex or shooting equipment and we will have specific Flights - one for Traditional/Longbow (no sights, any legal arrows ie. wooden arrows are not required for Longbow), Flights for Youth (12-14) and Flights for Cub (11 and under).  Youth and Cub ages as of the start of the shoot.  Traditional/Longbow/Youth and Cub are allowed to shoot Open Flights if they so desire.  Flights are unisex.  No awards, cash payout for all Flights and Championship Divisions.  All shooters will shoot 20 yards.  3 arrows per end.  2 minute time limit.  20 yards.  2 practice ends.  Champion Division must have one arrow in each spot.  Flights can have as many arrows in a spot (up to three) as you would like.  Extra arrows shot cost you your high arrow and a point (if you have a non-scoring arrow, don't shot another).  We will shoot on either the 40 cm, “Vegas” three-spot target face with gold – red– blue (10-9-8-7-6) scoring areas or the 40 cm single spot face with 10 through 1 scoring rings. Maximum arrow shaft diameter allowed will be 0.422 inches, with a point diameter not to exceed 0.425 inches (27 Series). Peak compound bow draw weight shall not exceed 80 lbs, with a maximum speed of 300 FPS with a 3% variance. The shaft diameter will in­clude any wrap placed on the arrow and will include the size of the nock and the nock insert.The x-ring of the 40 cm Indoor Vegas Face will be used for tiebreak  You may not switch from a multi to a single or vice versa in a single round.  Registration times are on a first come paid basis.  Registration times are not “yours” until locked in with payment.

No multiple registration.  You can not shoot both a Championship Division and Flights.

Shooting Divisions:

Men Championship
Women Championship
Flights - open to all shooters of any age and equipment.
Traditional/Longbow Flights.

Youth Flights - open to archers 12-14.
Cub Flights - open to archers 11 and under

Please make sure your registration shows in the correct shooting division.  We will not move you once you have started shooting for score (unless you are in the wrong sex/age group).

Tie Breakers:

We are not going to be able to have shoot-offs with all of the shooting times so tie breakers are as follows:  X's, Inside Out X's, First person to drop an X, First person to drop a 10.  If archers are still tied, we will combine the places tied and split the money accordingly.


Championship Division will be paid out using the NFAA Pro Payout on page 41 of the current NFAA Rulebook.  Basically it says that there will be 1 paid for 1-3 shooters, 2 paid for 4-6 shooters, 3 paid for 7-9, 4 paid for 10-12 etc.  Chart from 2017 NFAA Rulebook.
Pro Payout Chart from 2017
          NFAA Rule Book

Flights will be paid out 1st, 2nd and 3rd for each flight of 15 or so for even flights. 

Flighting will be in accordance with NFAA Flight rules for Sectionals and Nationals found under Paragraph G on page 46 of the NFAA Rule Book.  Example in Appendix 1.  Paragraph 4 deals with ties and unequal numbers.  We will flight according to Final score and flighting will be accomplished on the last day of the tournament.

SHOOTING TIMES - We have cancelled all Friday shooting times and Saturday at 8pm.

Shoot Fees:

Championship Division - $50.00  -  66% payback.
Flights                            - $35.00 -  51% payback

We will have shooting times of 8 AM, 11 AM, 2 PM and 5 PM on Saturday; and 8 AM, 11 AM, and 2 PM on Sunday. 

Open Shooting Times (you pick what you would like to shoot and if it is not full, you can shoot then) - You may shoot all of your rounds on one day if you would like.  We are flighting (Flights) by your total score.

We will be utilizing the Archery Range (9 lanes).   If our registration gets out of hand, we can probably get use of the gym on Sunday... but on Saturday it is being used for Basketball.


With 9 lanes we will be restricted to 36 shooters per time – 126 shooters maximum (unless we open the other side on Sunday - reminder other side is not as bright so register earlier so you don't have to shoot there) .  

Extra Information:

We are not selling space on the line.

Warm-up is outside.
No refunds.  No shows score zero.  If there is available space on a future line we will place you on the next line available at your request.

NFAA has excellent information on rules for the Vegas Shoot at https://www.nfaausa.com/tournament/the-vegas-shoot/  So far I have only seen a few rules that we are not following; we are not offering the 60cm face and we are not requiring 15 years of age for flights, we are not separating sexes for Flights, we are not offering a Young Adult class.  This list is not all-encompassing.  Please contact Oliver with any questions.

At this time there are no crossbows.  If we have more than four asking, we will offer a Championship Division just for crossbows. 

 SEND REGISTRATION FORM AND CHECK TO:  Florida Archery Association, Timothy O. Austin (Sec/Treas), 1710 S W 76th Ter, Gainesville FL 32607-3418.  Phone (352) 332-1969 or (352) 332-1914.  Email:  flarchery@earthlink.net

PRE-REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  Mailed entries should be postmarked by January 24.

LATE-REGISTRATION:  Phoned registrations through 1 February accepted for a $2 surcharge payable at shoot.  But shooting times are reserved with payment of shoot fees.   Registration at the shoot requires full late fee at registration address or at range on Saturday.

SHOOTING SCHEDULE:   8 AM, 11 AM, 2 PM and 5 PM on Saturday; and 8 AM, 11 AM, and 2 PM on Sunday. 

LUNCH:  Drinks and food may be available at the shoot.



Fairfield Inn by Marriott Gainesville

6901 NW 4th Boulevard

Gainesville, FL  32607

Phone  352.332.8292

Email     Rita.Colucci@CWHotels.com

Web      FairfieldInn.com/GNVFI


*Be sure to reference the event block (Fla Archery State Championships) when you call for reservations.

Quality Inn – Gainesville    (Williston Road and I-75)

Quality Inn = $72.99 per night    phone 352-378-2405

3455 S W Williston Rd, Gainesville FL 32608

Located at Williston Rd and I-75 up hill behind 43rd St Deli


Williston Crossing RV Resort, 410 N E 5th St, Williston FL 32696   (phone 352-528-7100). 

(about 9 miles from range) 

Resort has 2 people per camper… extra charge for more people


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  If you have questions, please contact Oliver.


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