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2018 Tournament Dates

16-17 Feb
North Carolina
1st Flight
Southeast Indoor

2-4 Mar
Southeast Indoor

2-4 Mar Miami Springs Miami Springs FAA Indoor Champ + SE Indoor
2-4 Mar Newberry Easton Newberry FAA Indoor Champ + SE Indoor
3-4 Mar Statesboro GA GBAA  Southeast Indoor

19-20 May Gainesville Gator Bowmen SE Field
9-10 Jun
Ogeechee Bowmen SE Field

Just came back from the NFAA National Meeting.  Really disappointed.  Directors practically passed everything placed in front of them.  In my opinion, one bad idea after another (except for mine of course).  NFAA got rid of Competitive Bowhunter (one anchor point and no sight), Bowhunter Freestyle Limited, Longbow, all kids Compound Limited Freestyle classes, Pro Olympic (put in because the Pro Rep promised us the Olympic shooters who never came) and Pro Limited Freestyle.  Dues were raised but that is the cost of doing business.  Costs have gone up and we haven't raised NFAA dues in years.  Here are the unofficial minutes from the meeting that I received from Tim.  Click Here.
RIP - Clinton A Berry III, Tennessee NFAA Director.

Is it legal or illegal?  What happens when a rule is questioned


Sectional Meeting Minutes from 2010.
Sectional Meeting Minutes from 2008.
Sectional Meeting Minutes from 2007.
Sectional Meeting Minutes from 2006.
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Sectional Meeting Minutes from 2003.

Recent results:
2018 Sectional Indoor
2017 Sectional Field
2017 Sectional Indoor
2016 Sectional 3-D
2016 Sectional Field
2016 Sectional Indoor
2015 Sectional Field
2015 Sectional Indoor

2014 Sectional Field
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2010 Sectional 3-D - Combined Results
Mar 6-7, 13-4 Southeast Sectional Indoor - Combined Results.
Apr/Jun 2009 - Sectional 3D - All
May 23-24 2009 - Sectional Field - ALL
Mar 7-8 2009 Southeast Sectional INDOOR - Tallahassee & Georgia & Kentucky
2008 Outdoor Sectional - June 21-22, Keowee Bowmen, Clemson, SC
2008 3-D Sectional - April 12-13, Sandune Archery Club, Myrtle Beach, SC
2008 Indoor Sectional - March 8-9 - 3 Sites:
    (1) Tri-State Archers, Tallahassee, FL  
    (2)  Black Rock Archery, Sylva, NC  
    (3)  Chickasaw Archers, Shepherdsville, KY. 

Mar 17-18 2007 - Southeast Indoor Shepherdsville, Kentucky
Jun 16-17 2007 - Southeast Field Durham County North Carolina
Aug 4-5 2007 - Southeast 3-D Ft Gordon, Georgia 20 Marked and 20 Unmarked

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