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FAA Cover Picture    April 2024 Release

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Upcoming events:  

4 May (Saturday) - Sectional Field - Gator
5 May (Sunday) - Sectional Field - Gator

8-9 June   Sunshine State Games   Hosted by Gator Bowmen
Recent results:

4-5 May    State Field

April 6 – State Marked 3-D (15/15) - Brevard  

Mar 9-10  State Indoor

Dec 29-30 FAA Under 21 Results

Dec 30-31 18 meter Results

Dec 2               Florida Senior Games      Westley Chapel   

Nov 4-5           FAA International              Lee County Archers

Oct 21-22        FAA State Target              Ft Lauderdale Archers    - Will highlight records soon


April 2024 Release has been posted.

Records have been posted for the State Indoor.  Working on the other shoots.

Bow for sale -

Hoyt Carbon Integra. 36 Lb  limbs. 30 Lb limbs  Picture
Paid $1500. Want $1100  Contact the

RIP - Frank Gandy

2024 Meter Field is going to hosted by Flagler.

RIP - Ann Grimes

Dates have been set for the 2024 FAA State Shoots.  Our regional 3-D shoots did not do well so it was decided that we are going back to medals.  We are having one State Marked 3-D (1 arrow) one day 15/15 in Brevard and a State Safari shoot (marked 2 arrow w/aiming dot) 25 3-D and 14 paper animals 1 day. International for 2024 will continue to be 2 days and 3 rounds.  Field is also being changed - 14 Field, 14 Hunter and 14 Animal shot on one day.  You can shoot Saturday or Sunday.  If you want to shoot both, you can register in a different bracket and shoot the extra day.

Dec 29, 2023 - JOAD Indoor - East River
Dec 30-31, 2023 - FAA Meter Indoor - East River

USAA National Indoor – Newberry Jan 4-7

World Archery Festival/Vegas Shoot  Feb 1-4
Feb 22-25 ASA National Shoot

Easton Newberry Scholarship shoot Mar 2
Mar 9 @ 5pm State Vegas Shoot – East River

9-10 Mar - NFAA Indoor - East River / Ft Lauderdale

NFAA National Indoor  Mar 15-17
April 6 – State Marked 3-D (15/15) - Brevard
4-5 May – 14F/14A/14H shoot Sat or Sun - Field – Gator (you can shoot the second day with a second registration)

May 30-2 June National ASA  Tennessee
3 Aug - 720 - Easton Newberry
24-25 Aug - FAA Meter Field - Flagler
7-8 Sept - FAA 1440 - Ft Lauderdale

28 Sept State Safari 3-D 2 arrows Marked – Ft Lauderdale
26-27 Oct - Target - Gold Coast
9 Nov - International (2 rounds) - Lee County
7  Dec - Florida Senior Games - Pasco County
14-15 Dec - Ft Lauderdale Open

Records highlighted for the State Field.

Board Meeting minutes

Shooter of Year has been updated.

Records have been updated for the NFAA Indoor and the SE Indoor.  Records are highlighted on the results as well.

The Sunshine State Games will all being hosted at Gator Bowman.  Gator is expanding their target range and now has 24 targets.  They also are increasing parking.

We have a new Release Editor.  Welcome Alvaro Ubeda.  Take a look at the new Release!

Joe Loureiro has been appointed Executive VP.

Jack Cason   1932 - 2022

Remember - if you want target faces, the easiest (and cheapest) way to get them is to let Oliver know what you want the week or two before a State tournament (that Oliver is attending) and he would be happy to pull them and bring them to the tournament.  Oliver is attending the State Target, State FITA Field, Florida Senior Games and the Ft Lauderdale Open.  Lots of opportunity to get target faces at a great price.  Mailing is expensive, however Oliver will mail them if you really need the target faces (of course - you pay the postage).


Tim Austin 1938 - 2022. 
Tim Austin
It is with sadness that I have to let you know that Tim Austin lost his battle with cancer today.  Tim died peacefully at 1:30pm in the ICU at North Florida Regional Hospital in Gainesville.  As you know he had been fighting Stage IV cancer for two years and had 66 doses of chemo.  There will be a small graveside gathering next week.  I will not be there.  I am in Mirimar with Jake Pettitt running the National Senior Games which Tim would have wanted.  He will be missed.  Oliver.

Florida Archery Association membership totals:



NFAA = 783

USA Archery = 703


Total = 1358

Active FAA members = 857

                Note:  X = 488  USA Archery without active FAA


Club Membership

                Ft Lauderdale = 262

                Gold Coast = 96

                Gator = 43

                Sarasota = 40

                Everglades = 35

                Lee County = 29

                The Villages = 28

                Central FL Archers = 24

                Daytona = 22

                Miami Springs = 21

                Brevard = 21

                All rest clubs = 11 or less

We have 5 License Plate Frames left in stock -  Cost each = $5


    “Florida Archery Association” on bottom

Where are Florida members ----

Location of Florida Archers

NFAA is looking for hunting pictures for the Archery magazine.  If you have some you would like to share, please send them to Oliver with text of who is in the picture, where it was (the State the animal was shot in <not - it was alive> we are not looking for the address of your hunting site) and what kind of animal if it is not obvious.  I will create a Hunting Picture page and of course the Release would want to use the picture as well.  Thanks.  Oliver.

FLORIDA ARCHERY ASSOCIATION NFAA's KOA Campground is operational and listed on the KOA website.  NFAA is a 20% minority owner.  All archers attending any of the Tournaments get a 10% archery discount at the KOA.

Any FAA member who wishes to forgo receiving a hard copy of the Release in the mail may do so by sending Tim an email requesting you be taken off the Release mailing list.  

This needs to be passed around and acted upon -   It is specifically against NFAA rules to draw above horizontal... it's also against NAA rules.   The practice of drawing a bow up in the air is unsafe, and many archers do it due to heavy poundage or simply out of bad habit.   Pushing the bow out with the bow arm... or better yet, pushing it slightly downward... can assist in drawing it back.   One arrow loosed high in the air and killing or damaging property three blocks away can set our sport back for years... much less ruin the day of the individual with the bow and the individual harmed by it!

I have created a new page for Archery Instruction.  We get a lot of queries about archery coaching.  If you would like to be added, please let me know.

Is it legal or illegal?  What happens when a rule is questioned

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