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Upcoming events:

9-10 June          Gainesville/Newberry        Florida Sunshine State Games  Registration Open

7 July                 Newberry              State JOAD    Register Online Now

 Recent results:

19-20 May        Gainesville        Gator                                        FAA Field     

21-22 April      Tallahassee / Everglades       FAA International


Results for the 2018 Field have been posted.  Rain for the second half of the Hunter brought scores down.

State Field Board Meeting Agenda has been posted.

Results for the 2018 International have been posted, shooter of the year and records have been updated.

Rich Pickles has been in the hospital here for 10 days and they can't get him out of A-Fib, so they are going to put in a Pacemaker/de-fibulator on Friday.  It will be a month after that before he will be able to shoot again.

The results sent from South Florida left out Jose Perez, who shot in S M BHFS and placed 2nd.  I have updated the Indoor results on the website and the Release on the website.  Unfortunately the printed copy of the Release was already sent to press.  Oliver.

The April RELEASE is here first.  Enjoy.

Congratulations to Jacob Marlow.  He won Pro Freestyle against 120 of the best at the NFAA National Indoors.
Jacob Marlow Jacob Marlow

Tatyana Muntyan won Adult Female Olympic at the NFAA National Indoors.

Results and records for the Southeast Sectional Indoor, NAA Indoor and NFAA Indoor have been posted.  Shooter of the Year has been updated, the results of Florida shooters at the NFAA National Indoor has been posted.

Florida Archery Association membership totals:

Total Members = 1454



N = 712

Both = 138   

NFAA Total = 850



Active = 89

Both = 138

Not active = 501

USA Archery Total = 728


Inactive FAA Life = 13

Archery News.   Tatyana Muntyan.

Florida Vegas Shoot results have been posted.  Hope all had fun.

Unmarked results have been posted.  Marked results have been posted.  Shooter of the Year has been posted.

Frank Gandy had a triple bypass about a month ago.  Margaret might bring him to the Marked 3-D to say hello to folks.

 Board agenda has been posted.

Update on Bill Bishop. He had a tumor the size of a large lemon on the brain. The Dr. Removed it the 21st of March , 2917. He is doing real good, however he does not drive any more, he totaled his w 2017 Camry. The one thing he lost was the peripheral vision in both eyes on the left side. We hope you are doing well. Happy New Year.

The December RELEASE is available here first.

Seeking to buy (competition level) olympic recurve archery equipment for USAF Wounded Warrior and Invictus game training.


I have a 28” draw length and I’m currently shooting with 25, and 28 lb limbs.


Melissa (321)243-7597 

Added information pages for the 2018 3-D's, Indoors and Internationals.

Congratulations to our Shooter's of YearSydney Sullenberger and Joe Loureiro .

Newberry is hosting the 2018 USA Archery Collegiate Championship May 17-20, 2018.

Tim made changes to our State Schedule due to conflicts with the Gator Football Schedule (Newberry and Motels) and USA Archery Major events...


Discussing the schedule with Eric Blalock...

    I have moved our FAA FITA Championship for 2018 back a week to 22-23 September

    I have moved our FITA Field Championship from November to 18-19 August 2018 in Newberry

    USA Archery’s National JOAD Championship is on our originally planned date for our State JOAD, so I moved our State JOAD a week earlier to 7 July

These will need to be approved by the Board at the meeting at the State Target.

Tim has 50 License Plate Frames in stock -  Cost each = $5


    “Florida Archery Association” on bottom

Just came back from the NFAA National Meeting.  Really disappointed.  Directors practically passed everything placed in front of them.  In my opinion, one bad idea after another (except for mine of course).  NFAA got rid of Competitive Bowhunter (one anchor point and no sight), Bowhunter Freestyle Limited, Longbow, all kids Compound Limited Freestyle classes, Pro Olympic (put in because the Pro Rep promised us the Olympic shooters who never came) and Pro Limited Freestyle.  Dues were raised but that is the cost of doing business.  Costs have gone up and we haven't raised NFAA dues in years.  Here are the unofficial minutes from the meeting that I received from Tim.  Click Here.

The 2018 Sunshine State Games will be at Gator (Field and 3-D) and Newberry (720 and 900) on 9-10 June.

Webmaster knows of a 2016 Hoyt Podium X for sale.  27 1/2 max draws 50 pounds, $550.  Email for more information.

Bill Coulter was elected to be Florida's next NAA representative.  He takes office July 1.

Congratulations to Kevin McCloskey and Oliver Austin who were put into the Hall of Fame this weekend.

2018 Shoots.
Jan 13-14     Ridge         Combined 3-D - Marked (Saturday) and Unmarked (Sunday) - 15 targets in morning 15 in evening each day w/50% payback
Feb 2-4         Newberry  Florida's Vegas Shoot.  $50 Championship , $35 Flights.  2 rounds.  Membership not required.
Mar 2-3       Miami Springs/Newberry    NAA Indoor
Mar 3-4       Miami Springs/Newberry   NFAA Indoor
Apr 21-22    Everglades/Tallahassee       International
May 19-20    Gator                                   Field & Sectional Field
Jun 9-10       Gator/Newberry                 Sunshine State Games  (Gator-Field/3D, Newberry 720/900)
Jul 7              Newberry                            Joad

Aug 18-19     Newberry                            FITA Field
 Sep 22-24      Newberry                           FITA
Oct 20-21      Ft Lauderdale                    Target
Dec 1             Clearwater                          Florida Senior Games
Dec 7,8,9       Everglades                          NAFAC/Everglades Open

The location of the 2019 National Senior Games will be Albuquerque, New Mexico June 13-26, 2019.
Congratulations to
John Horwath.  He was selected at male athlete of the year for the Florida Senior Games.

Congratulations to Andre' Shelby.  He won a Olympic Gold medal at the Paralympics.  Way to go!

Melanie White and Bill Kelly entered the FAA Hall of Fame

Where are Florida members ----

Location of Florida Archers

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Added the ability to pay for shoots.